Bouncy castle safety – what you need to know

Bouncy castle safety is important to ensure your child has a fun experience that doesn’t result in injury. Government statistics have shown that every year there are a significant number of accidents in children due to the use of inflatable bouncy castles. To help you out we have put together some guidelines to help you choose a bouncy castle hiring company and keep your bouncy castle a safe area.

Safety procedures and compliance

When hiring a bouncy castle it is important the company has a test certificate, just like a car would with an MOT. This is so they fully comply with the appropriate safety procedures and operation of play inflatables. Ensure your bouncy castle hire company are members of the British Inflatable hires alliance and fully conform to British and European safety regulations. It is also important they recognise the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 by relevant risk assessments and tested products.


Make sure the bouncy castle hire company has insurance and provides evidence of a current Public Liability insurance policy. This should be to a minimum of £2 million, but be sure to check your venue in case you need to arrange a higher cover.

Maximum use at one time

The recommended maximum number of children that can be safely accommodated on a bouncy castle at any one time will differ dependent on the age and size of the children. This is to prevent overcrowding resulting in injury and ensure a fun experience. Consult with the company for a recommendation.

Remove objects liable to cause injury

This includes footwear, sharp and hard objects, jewellery items, pocket contents, food and drink. Do not allow children to engage in horseplay on the bouncy castle or climb up the walls.


Ensure a responsible adult is present to manage and supervise children at all times when the bouncy castle is in use.


Make sure the location of the bouncy castle is in a suitable, safe place. Ensure flat ground with room for entering and exiting the bouncy castle comfortably, somewhere that will enable the bouncy castle to stay anchored, a safe pathway to the bouncy castle, and somewhere that will accommodate a rain cover.


Keep an eye on weather conditions, too much water or wind can present significant safety hazards.

Now you are ready to hire a bouncy castle and by following all of the above guidelines and precautions, a bouncy castle will offer hours of safe fun at every event!

Call Mr Bounce for more information and to ensure your party or event goes off without a hitch.